Is Optometry A Good Career? Education and Licenses

The increase in university admission to best optometry programs is a testament that many are considering a career as an optometrist. It takes 7-8 years before you can attain your degree as doctor of optometry as students are required to have a bachelor’s degree before pursuing an OD program. The basic admission requirements is completion of Optometry Admission Test (OAT), undergraduate work, recommendation letters, admission essays and other trainings and experiences that will boost the success of your application process. After finishing the OD programs, some proceed to get residency or fellowship for advanced education on clinical training.

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Careers in Optometry: Duties, Work Environment and Salary

Is optometry a good career choice? The main duties of optometrists diagnose vision problems, analyze results of their patient’s vision test, prescribe glasses, offer treatments for eye related concerns, provide diagnosis for those who wish to get eye surgery and promote eye health. Careers in optometry offers you various choices where to work from hospitals, offices, personal care stores, clinics and you can even go on and do private practice. Another great advantage with career in optometry is a favorable pay which could range from annual pay of$52,590 to $184,530.

Considering a Career in Optometry? Learn More How to Become One

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The employment growth of optometrists is steadily gaining which tells us that career in optometry is definitely a good choice. Of course, before you can practice you will need to complete all necessary licenses and certifications. For those who wish to become optometrists, we can provide you with all the essential education and career information. We also give details on the application process and admission requirements to top programs. Get summary on how to pass the optometry admission test, want to know if career in optometry is for you or a summary on university admission.

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Is optometry a good career? Find out online now with us if careers in optometry are a good fit for you!