Optometry Personal Statement: Making the Best Impression

One of the most essential admission requirements is writing an optometry school personal statement. Given the level of competition in the application process, you have to make sure that your optometry personal statement is not only well written but can also make a lasting impression to the admission committee.

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Here are top tips on how to write a personal statement for optometry:

  1. Research beforehand the guidelines set by the school in terms of personal statement for optometry. This will help you comply with the word count, format, and other instructions.
  2. The main goal of your optometry personal statement is to demonstrate your personality, commitment and motivation in completing your optometry education. Write several drafts of your personal statement. Never create a rushed essay as this will come off as inconsistent, flawed and poorly written.
  3. Do not just list your achievements and other reasons why you should be considered but show them that you are one of the best candidates for the program. Also, avoid creating a generic essay when applying to various schools but personalize your personal statement for better success of your university admission.
  4. Keep your essay genuine and positive. Do not include information that are fallacious but instead stick to interesting details that will allow the admission committee see your potential.
  5. Aside from the admission test, your optometry personal statement is one of the key admission requirements in your application process. Before you submit your essay make sure that this adheres with the standards and that it is completely error free.

Here is a sample of a good optometry personal statement:

“When I was young, I was consistently admitted into various hospitals because I had poor immune system. Somehow, even when i bounced back from one hospital to another, the one thing that remained constant was how competent and compassionate my doctors were. This inspired me to become a doctor because it meant more than just making decisions that would change the lives of other people but contributing to the betterment of the community.”

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