Preparation Materials and Study Guide for Optometry Admission Test

The score in your medical optometry admission test (OAT) is vital part in your application process to any university admission. In addition, you should know how to write a sucsessful optomcas personal statement. Passing OAT can be challenging which is why this is used by many optometry programs as a basis to decide which candidates deserve a spot. Here are study tips on how you can pass your admission test:

  1. Preparation is crucial when taking any exam. Even if you have good grades in your undergraduate classes, it is still important that you organize.
  2. Learn about possible questions that might be included in the optometry test. It is also helpful if you have background knowledge on the format, exam instructions and length allotted for the actual optometry admission test as this will make a huge difference when you take the exam.
  3. Assess your skills beforehand. There might be areas in optometry that you are weak so evaluate this and learn how you can improve it.
  4. Polish your knowledge not only on skills that you may falter but also areas that you are best at. As much as possible, you should never lose marks in the actual admission test especially that your score is huge part in admission requirements.
  5. Study and study some more. Studying will help you mentally prepare to take the exam.
  6. Take advantage of available information online to gather as much details about the optometry test. There are also study guide and materials which can be helpful for you.
  7. Talk to someone who have taken and passed the admission test. Ask them about areas in the exam that might be difficult and use their feedback to help you.
  8. Lastly, you should plan the best kind of preparation method that is effective for you. Revise, study and practice.

Helpful Information on How to Get High Scores in Optometry Test

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