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Optometry Admission: Submit Proper Documents for 100% Success

The key to getting into any tough university admission is to make sure that your application process to medical optometry programs is prepared ahead of time. Compiling a year before your actual application will give you enough time to guarantee that all documents are filed, admission test is taken and that all necessary guidelines of the admission requirements are met. The application process itself is daunting which is why we have come up of the list of documents that you will need for optometry admissions.

  • Official transcripts – Optometry admission will require you to complete undergraduate work. Some schools prefer most applicants who earned a bachelor’s degree. Transcripts will show that you have completed all prerequisite courses needed and the corresponding grades.
  • Letters of recommendation – Usually, optometry admissions need at least three letters of recommendation. Your letters of recommendations should be well written and must detail your qualifications and potential. Choose a credible candidate that can be used as a great reference for your analytical and research capacities.
  • Admissions essay – Guidelines of the essays will vary depending on your choice of school. Usually, some just require a personal statement or statement of purpose while others require both. Your essay will detail our interest, passion, skills and other necessary information the candidate deemed essential to disclose to the admission committee
  • Optometric Admission Test (OAT) – Optometry schools have specific OAT scores that their applicants should achieve. Others also need Graduate Record Exam. Check out beforehand the schedule of the admission test.
  • Supplemental documents for transfer students – You may be required to present in your application process additional documents such as personal statement, official acknowledgment from the dean and certification of good academic standing.

Get Professional Help to Easy and Simple Optometry Admissions

The requirements of every optometry admission are different depending on the school. It is best to go inquire directly to know ahead the necessary documents you need. Learn about optometry school requirements.

If you have issues with your application, find out more how you can ace your optometry admission with our expert help!