Top Requirements to Apply with the Best Optometry Programs

Advancement of education means that you will need to invest more time especially if you want to get an optometry degree. The best optometry programs often have competitive university admission which is why many try to guarantee the success of their application process by knowing ahead what to expect. If you intend to become a doctor of optometry program, here is a guide on how to do it:

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  1. You should comply beforehand the necessary admission requirements. As much as possible, organize all documents a year before you apply. The most common admission requirements are (1) a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate work completing all prerequisite course works, (2) Optometry Admission Test (OAT) scores, (3) letters of recommendation, (4) admission essays, (5) other supplemental documents and certifications depending on the specific guidelines of optometry programs you will apply.
  2. Application process will be reviewed and evaluated by the admission committee. It also helps if you include information on trainings and experiences that will demonstrate your skills and leadership. This is crucial especially that in the university admission, you will be going against other qualified candidates.
  3. When you are accepted, you will need to complete an optometry program which is often four to five years in total. Doctor of optometry program varies depending on which university you apply. The most common areas covered in optometry program are introduction to vision science, ocular anatomy, optics, community health, developmental and primary optometry and medical lab procedures among others.
  4. After completing your doctor of optometry program, some optometrists proceed for a one year residency in a hospital or clinic. Remember that before you can actually practice, you will be required to pass a licensing. National board examination will test your knowledge on intensive sequence of optometry courses.

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