What You Need to Know About Optometry and How to Apply

For those who wish to pursue education and get their optometry degree, you should get know all the important details from its admission requirements, licenses, qualities essential to be an effective optometry to career opportunities after you acquire your degree. Optometrists are required to complete their OD program and get a license before they can practice depending on the state. Doctor of Optometry takes only four years to complete but students must have an undergraduate work before getting into optometry program which totals to seven to eight years overall.

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Optometry Information: Career and Salary

The scope of duties that optometrists perform is to diagnose their patients, offer vision tests, prescribe eye medications and eyeglasses, offer treatment and the promotion of eye health. One of the great things with having a doctor of optometry degree is that you get to enjoy variety of work environments from hospitals, clinics, care centers and even have your own private practice. The usual annual wage for full time optometrists can range from $97,820 to $184,530. There is a steady growth in the employment opportunities of optometrists making it a good career choice for many.

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Admission Requirements, Application Process About Optometry Program

University admission varies and most likely you will compete with highly qualified candidates and this is why it is helpful if you have leverage in your application process. To enroll in optometry program, you should have a bachelor’s degree, pass the optometry admission test and submit admission essays among other documentations. You will be evaluated based on the admission requirements and your trainings. To maximize success, you should prepare a year before application.

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